Donations Needed to Restore our Fields and Facilities

The flooding spring of 2017 caused unimaginable damage to the Fenton Athletic Association (FAA) fields. Over 13 feet of flood waters from the Meramec River and Yarnell Creek covered our baseball and soccer fields. With the help of incredible volunteers, we were able to once again rebuild and restore our fields and facilities and get them into playing conditions.


However, these reparations cost the FAA everything we had, and more, and we still need financial support to continue to improve our facility and fields. Most importantly, we want to be able to continue to give the children of our community a safe place to play the sports they love. The positive impact playing sports has on kids is clear, but it does not stop there. The benefits to the community are immense as well.


Please consider donating to this worthy cause. We are a not-for-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible. You can donate online, mail checks to our location or contact for more information.  


On behalf of the Fenton Athletic Association, and the children of our community, THANK YOU.




FAA Board President